Considering options for your cycling in the year ahead? Let’s go through a few options aside from just buying a new bike!

Service what you have.
This has to be considered first as is likely the most cost-effective way to keep you riding on a working and reliable bike. It is all too easy to neglect your bike service. Often bikes come in after a mechanical fail, and a fail usually happens when you are out on a ride, at best inconvenient, at worst could mean a long walk home, expensive taxi rides, or even a crash. What’s more, letting parts wear beyond the recommended service life will often degrade other components and in turn increase costs to you. Chains and brake pads are often the cause of more wear and even damage other parts. You should service your bike annually, this could be a Bronze Service for light use and a Silver or Gold service for heavier users. if you have suspension or a dropper post these also need servicing usually at 50 and 200 hour intervals. Elecronic drivetrains and Ebikes also need updates and checks to ensure reliability. Our SERVICE OPTIONS are here. Book early, and don’t wait for the rush in Spring when everyone wants the same thing at the same time!

Upgrade what you have.
This is an easy way of making small improvements. This could be focussed on better performance, reducing weight or making the bike more comfortable. Wheels are usually the first upgrade and make the most improvement for money spent. HUNT WHEELS are a great value and local option we can supply and fit. Other improvements are to the drivetrain or brakes. Moving to 12 speed, or 1×12 setups on an MTB. Upgrading suspension. Shortening or lengthening stems or sharing saddles and seat posts can make a bike feel very different. We can discuss option bespoke to the bike and your budget.

shadow of bike

 Build an upgrade bike.
This could be an entire bike or just a frame. Consider what you already have, are the components best left on what you have and sold on, or can you bring the wheels or drivetrain across to a new frame? Alloy to carbon frame is a great improvement in weight and performance. Can change the behaviour of a bike and how it fits you. Speak to us about options, there are great deals on new and used parts and you can make cost effective and efficient upgrades to your bike that don’t need to cost the earth and will be cheaper than buying a new bike. You could buy a worn or older bike that has a decent frame or wheels and then spend money on a decent service and upgrades. So many options!

At Revolution Cycle Sport you will get honest impartial advice, no bikes are for sale here so you won’t get the hard sell. You can let us get the parts you need, or source what you want yourself. GET IN CONTACT, and book in early to ensure you have a working bike for when you need it!