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Upgrading your wheels is the first investment you should consider for your bike. Most stock bikes include a lower end wheelset. Whilst safe and effective, they may not be that stiff, responsive, light or fast, or even easily serviceable in the longer term. An improvement can be felt by spending as little as £300, and spending more will reap gains in performance, confidence and enjoyment.

First, you have to match your bike’s braking system (rim or disc) and then need to consider what you want to gain. A shallow profile will be lighter and accelerate faster. A deeper section will offer an aerodynamic advantage on flats and descents. Off-road riders will need to consider their riding style and terrain. You then need to consider the frame and any rim width restrictions and the tyres you want to run, as the profiles vary.
The freehub needs to match or be changeable to match your cassette and drivetrain (Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo). If disc, you should check your existing rotors are interchangeable. Many 29er bikes can also take a 27.5 wheel.

General considerations may also include the hub for durability and serviceability, the rims for braking surface or disc mount, width and tubeless compatibility. Spoke count and lacing pattern affect weight, stiffness, strength and design. It is often said in cycling – “strong, light, cheap…choose two”

At Revolution Cycle Sport, we can help with two different options:

Custom Built Wheels

Handbuilt wheels are built around the cyclist’s needs and wants, enjoying unlimited combinations of rims, spokes and hubs. Choosing from the industry’s best components, the rider gets a bespoke and unique product built perfectly to suit them.

Light and fast to strong and robust. Quality and durable Shimano and DT Swiss Hubs, or choose brands such as Chris King or Hope. Black, silver, round and aero spokes. Coloured nipples to add colour, or go stealth with black. Alloy rims for durability and budget from Stans or H Plus Son, or carbon options from Hunt Wheels. £60 labour/wheel. Your wheel, your budget, your choice.

Off The Shelf Wheels

Buying prebuilt wheelsets offer an immediate upgrade solution. The choices are vast, with most manufacturers offering a complete range to suit all rider profiles and demands. Alloy, carbon, rim and disc brake, QR and through-axle. As with all bike components, there are price points, pros and cons. We do not hold stock to browse, but will gladly advise, order and install for you.

We proudly promote shopping local as a dealer of Hunt Wheels based in Partridge Green. Excellent quality, a great reputation, local support for warranty and service, and can be installed as part of your next service.

Please use the form below to get in contact with us. For wheel builds, please also consider the varying lead times for ordering hubs, spokes and rims. You can get an indication of hub and rim prices online, then add spokes at about £2-£4 each x the spoke count of each hub.

On confirming a new wheel build order, we will invoice separately for all the parts. Upon receiving payment, we will book the job into the workshop. Labour will be due on collection at £60 per wheel.

We do not stock wheels routinely but can source most major brands and are a Hunt Wheels dealer. We can fit wheels you have bought elsewhere, or can source, supply and fit for you.

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