Services List – Bikes and E-Bikes

Please see our bicycle service packages below, and also a list of common jobs. On the day of your service, we ask you to have your bike delivered to us in a clean state and in the workshop no later than 10 am, or drop it off the day before. We will assess your bike on arrival, or please drop by in advance for a free assessment and service estimate. All prices exclude any parts.

We do not offer a specific time slot for service work. We will contact you to confirm prices before any new parts are fitted – and stop work until confirmed. In busy periods we may replace safety-related items up to £40 in total unless stipulated not to. We ask that you collect your bike within a week of it being serviced or repaired.

E-bikes booking Silver or Gold will include a diagnostic check and any software update in place of a bottom bracket service. For a an e-bike service record to be completed and uploaded to the system an additional chanrge of £20 may be applied.

Service packages do not include hydraulic brake bleeds or dropper seatpost servicing. If bleeds are required then there will be an additional charge of £20 per brake (Usually £25).

Internal cable routing may extend service time and may be chargable (usually £20-£40 depending on work).

Suspension servicing needs vary by bike – please discuss your needs when booking.

Add Headset to Silver Service for £20. (Usually £25)

Bikes vary hugely in their needs, design and complexity. Service package prices can be adjusted up and down accordingly – please discuss!

Our service packages cover most routine servicing. All other work is undertaken at £45 per hour – to the nearest 15 minutes. If the job isn’t listed please contact us.

Other common jobs we offer are priced below:

Basic Tune-Up £30

Pre-season or pre-event. This is a safety check and tune-up of the brakes and gears. Chain checked, wiped and lubed, wheels/tyres inspected and correctly inflated. Parts not included, the option to upgrade to Bronze or Silver service if required.

Puncture repair £15

Replacement inner tube and/or tyre as required. Parts not included.

Fitting bar tape £15

Ours our yours. We fit it.

Wheel true £15

Hit a pothole or just an annoying rub. All spokes present and intact – these can usually be trued easily within tolerances of the rim and spokes. Parts not included, the option to upgrade to Wheel repair if required.

Wheel repair £20

Broken spoke (up to 3), dependant on the wheel and the circumstances most wheels can be repaired, re-tensioned and trued. Spokes not included.

Wheelset swap £30 / £40 (Disc)

Swapping from winter to summer wheels, or aero to climbing. Gears and brakes adjusted to the wheels. Includes cassette, tyres, tubes and brake pad swap if required.

Fitting chain £15

Save your cassette by changing your chain before it gets too worn. Chain not included.

Swapping a cassette £15

Swap cassette and realign rear mech.

Box build and PDI £50

Got a deal online? Validate the warranty with a professional build and PDI. Fitting of additional parts and accessories may not be included.

Custom build of a frame and parts £80 - £200+

The perfect ride. Everything new or reusing older components. Price can be quoted, depending on the work required. Hydraulics, wiring, complicated internal routing will take more time. Any frame/wheels/parts bought elsewhere remain the warranty responsibility of the original seller.

Tubeless set up £25

Set up and inflate a tubeless tyre. MucOff Sealant included. Rim tape, valve not included.
Please check your rim and tyres are tubeless compatible.

Hub service £20 front £25 rear

Our hub service includes a strip down, inspection and re-assembly of your wheels hub bearings, and freehub.

* Servicable bearings will incur an additional charge for labour and specialist products required. Apx £10 per hub.
** Loose ball bearings replaced FOC. If your wheel requires sealed cartridge bearings, these may require a replacement. On average, this may add £20 – £80 to the bill depending on what is required.

*** Hub gears? Please contact us – we can arrange off site service.

Premium Hub Service £30 front £50 rear, £70 wheelset. (Chris King/Ceramic Speed)

Disassembly of both front and rear hubs using the Chris King R45 Service Tool.

Genuine parts and lubricants used. Upon inspection, if parts are required, you will be contacted with the quotation of the parts required and ETA.

Hubs greasesd and ring drive mechanism re-oiled. Following reassembly all bearing pre-loaders are correctly adjusted.

Gear re-indexing £20

Optimise your shifting – set up of front and rear mechs.

Brake re-alignment £25

Clean, inspect and adjust your bicycles brake system.
*Please note that if you have hydraulic brakes which need bleeding, then additional charges will apply.

Hydraulic brake bleed £25

Price per brake, DOT/mineral oil included. Any replacement pads, parts or seals not included

Headset service £25 - £40

Removal, cleaning, and reinstallation of your headset bearings.
* In many cases, headsets are sealed units. If worn, it will require a replacement – whilst less labour, parts may add between £20 – £50 to the bill.

Bottom bracket service £25-40

Service/replacement. The removal, cleaning, and installation of your bottom bracket bearings. Parts not included.
* In most cases, bottom brackets are sealed units. If worn will require a replacement. On average, this may add between £20 – £60 to the bill.

Fork and Shock Service £ varies

Fox, Rockshox and more. We will undertake work on most makes of fork and shock. However, with the variety of brands, parts and models – it is often quicker to send these parts offsite to a suspension specialist. We will remove and reinstall the suspension for you and manage the repair. Please allow 5 days for this process.

Insurance Report £40

A safety inspection of the bicycle, and a written report of the findings along with an estimated cost of repair or raplcement which can be given to insurance companies to support a claim.
* We strive to be as accurate as possible, but please be aware that some issues may only become present once repair work commences. In such case we accept no liability towards further costs.

Wheel Build £60

Please see our dedicated wheel page – we build bespoke wheels to your budget and specification. Price does not include the hub, spokes or nipples.


Customise your wheels, unlimited combinations using the best components in the industry. Light and fast or strong and robust. Designed and built to match your riding and your style.


An easy and effective upgrade; a new set of wheels can drastically improve your bike. Choose from fast and aerodynamic to bombproof aluminium clincher rims for general riding. Consider your tyres and embrace going tubeless.

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure your bicycle is with us by 10am on the day of the service. Or drop off the day before.

Please note due to high demand in busy periods, if your bike only needs safety-related items to complete the service, for example, brake pads or inner and outer cables, we may replace these items up to £40 in total unless stipulated not to on drop off.

Any parts, frames or components sourced elsewhere, whilst fitted, are not Revolution Cycle Sport Ltd’s responsibility. Any warranty issue is the responsibility of the original seller. Labour is chargeable at the hourly rate to remove, examine, or replace any of the parts mentioned above.

Please ensure bikes are dropped off in a reasonably clean condition. We may charge a discretionary cleaning charge of £15 to cover the additional cleaning required to complete a service. 

Please collect your bicycle within 7 days of the service completion. Space is a premium. Revolution Cycle Sport Ltd reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £5 per day if the bicycle has not been collected within this time. 

Any bicycles left with us for over 30 days following the completion of a service will be assumed to have been abandoned and may be disposed of or sold to recuperate costs.