For our bike service and bike repair needs – we have chosen to affiliate with Muc-Off. UK based and homegrown – like us!

Cycling is green, better for the environment, body and mind. By using Muc Off products, you choose bioproducts that are better for the environment both in the active ingredients and in the packaging.

Considering what we apply to our bikes is important. It must do the job intended – preserve and protect. It must also work – keeping your ride clean and running smoothly. But it also flicks off – that’s where choosing environmentally friendly products is most important!

Coupled with the imminent arrival of a Muc-Off heated parts washer we can sell you a selection of cleaning, protection and lubrication products and also clean them off again in bio cleaning fluid so your bike is returned looking like the componants are new – clean and freshly lubricated!

Drop-in for MucOff products and refills, and to book your environmentally friendly bike in for an environmentally friendly service!