Since starting in 2021, we have managed to retain the same pricing. With the cost of everything going up, it is not necessary to adjust the pricing.

Main Service Options

Your favourite service packages remain the same at £150 for a Gold Service, £100 for a Silver Service and £40 for a Bronze Service. 


 It is suggested that you consider a service annually, but this will depend on usage and components. Servicing will save you money on parts as it stops wearing items to the point of replacement that often have degrading impacts elsewhere. 

These packages offer value for money, and you can be assured of a premium service, with care and attention to detail!


 The main difference is to hourly rate used to calculate time, and the extras that usually push a service beyond its allocated time. 

Hydraulic brakes are becoming common, these require bleeds to keep clean and operating well.

Internal cable routing means a simple cable change can take considerably more time routing cables around tight corners, around headsets and under bottom brackets. 

Ebikes have different needs, running diagnostics and any software updates are now included to recognise the time saved not servicing a bottom bracket. Ideally the technician should also complete a digital service record, this stays loaded on the bike and can be seen if you get work completed elsewhere or even sell the bike. but doing this takes more time. 

Book Early

As happens every year, Spring comes and it gets busy. Book early and secure a date in advance of when you need the bike ready. If parts are needed then get in contact and they can be preordered to ensure they are ready for service day.

Contact the workshop to discuss any service needs, or to discuss upgrades you may be considering.


Lastly and most importantly, thank you to the 300+ customers gained since starting, your business is valued and appreciated!