2023 is here – is your bike ready?

 With exciting updates in the cycling news, 2023 should be another good year for cycling!  Will we see more 13 speed as 1x drivetrains get ever more popular in MTB and gravel? New SRAM AXS groupsets? New electronic forks by Fox?

 As aerodynamics trickle down from the pros we see  more integrated stems on road bikes, looks great, should increase stiffness and aerodynamics, but these updates do also increase the time required to service the headset or do a simple cable change. 

If you have any events or big rides planned for the Spring and Summer – look ahead, book early and ensure your bike is ready to go with all the parts you need and no compromises or delay. 

Benefit from discounted winter service costs – quote WINTER for any bookings until end January 23, this will reduce any labour costs by 5%.

Wheel upgrades – plan ahead and order early. Favourite brands such as Hunt Wheels make a great upgrade but are popular and often subject to a preorder and wait.  Speak to us for latest order time and enjoy free fitting.

Ebikes and electronic gears – are you up to date? Updates on the firmware will improve performace and usually save power consumption. We can do updates on SRAM, Shimano and Bosch systems. 

 And finally, keep clean – we offer MucOff products at 20% off RRP, common items are held in stock and anything else can be preordered to collect. 

Book online, or contact us to discuss your servicing needs.