We are pleased to offer the popular courses again for November and December 2023.

These are basic courses, more aimed at the new or returning cyclist to build confidence in basic maintenance and roadside repair. 

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Free to you, funded by Cycling UK.

5 courses are being held on the dates below, they all run from 0930-1200.

Location – Revolution Cycle Sport, Marringdean Road, Billinghurst, RH14 9HD.

Event 1 – Tuesday 21st November 2023, 0930-1200

Event 2 – Wednesday 29th November 2023, 0930-1200

Event 3 – Thursday 7th December 2023, 0930-1200

Event 4 – Friday 15th December 2023, 0930-1200

Event 5 – Monday 18th December 2023, 0930-1200

There is no charge, you also get a free pair of reusable Mucoff mechanics gloves and a free pack of MucOff puncture repair patches!

105 Groupset

Objective – to encourage new or returning cyclists to have confidence in basic safety checks and basic maintenance of their bicycles – and in turn consider cycling as a safe and sustainable way to get around.

Each course has a maximum of 5 participants to 1 instructor, bringing your own or any bicycle is suggested but not essential.

(any pedal cycle, bicycle or bike, any child’s cycle, any adapted cycle, any mechanical repairs on electrically assisted cycles that are not in any way connected to any electronics)

A requirement of the service provider – Cycling UK, is to provide the details below and consent to email contact about the funded course and Cycling UK.

Full name

Email address

A typical course will cover a basic M-check (safety check), dealing with punctures, and basic brake and gear adjustment. It will also help to identify what you should take to a workshop for professional repair.