A premium feature on many bikes today is electronic shifting. Common systems include Shimano Di2 and SRAM Etap.

Like your phone and laptop, these also require updating – this can be done yourself using the supplied chargers, connectors, apps and software. Or bring it into a bike workshop and get it checked out.
Usually, updates are successful, but if unsure, don’t risk being left with an unusable bike.

Sadly, a software update won’t make you ride faster – but there are still reasons to do so:
Update any older components to enable compatibility with new or upgraded parts.
Apply any bug fixes and improve usability.
Sometimes firmware will add new features, for example, synchro shifting.

Most Di2 components in the Ultegra 6770, 6870, and Dura-Ace 9070 ranges are interchangeable. A great upgrade to an older system is the addition of Synchronized Shifting and Bluetooth Wireless Units. These can be added to all E-tube Ultegra and Dura-Ace systems, but the battery has to be upgraded to the BT-DN110 Internal Battery or BM-DN100 External Battery Mount. To add Bluetooth capability, a EW-WU101 or EW-WU111 inline transmitter must be added to road bikes and for mountain bikes, the SC-MT800 or SC-M9051 display/transmitter unit must be added.

The rider can then do all the shifting on the right lever only. The system knows the gear ratios and selects the front chainring and rear sprocket to provide a graduated shift over any terrain. Bluetooth allows connection to other devices, including your phone – meaning the rider can update the system and customise shifting behaviour quickly, before, during and after a ride.

Lastly, whilst in theory, electronic shifting performance never degrades like a cable operated system, you should also be vigilant after knocks or falls. If the hanger gets bent even slightly, the rear mech is positioned differently beneath the cassette, meaning it is no longer perfectly aligned. It may be a quick case of micro-adjusting the shift position or straightening the hanger and setting the rear mech up again.

For checks, adjustments, updates or upgrades, get in touch or drop by.