Cleaning your gear is quick and easy, but don’t forget the bike. Staying on top of your cycle maintenance and cleaning is an easy way to save you time, effort and money.

When your bicycle chain gets dirty, it becomes less efficient – shifting is affected and wear increases. Keeping your drivetrain clean will allow your bike to function at optimum levels and increase its lifespan. With the cost of components like chains and cassettes getting more, this is a good thing!

Lubrication is the first way to look after your bike, but it’s a balance. Lubricants differ depending on the conditions. Too light, and it washes off in the wet, too thick, and it may attract dirt and debris and further contaminate the drivetrain. So you must choose the right lube for the riding you are doing, don’t be afraid to clean the chain and reapply if your needs differ. The chain should still be kept silver and rotate without too much noise. Rust or thick with black debris – this is not a good thing!

You can buy a decent drivetrain cleaner from MucOff, cleaning the chain on the bike or with the right tools, remove the chain for a proper scrub. It’s also worth having a dry and wet lube on the shelf, ready for the changing seasons and conditions in which you ride. Just take care where you spray any aggressive cleaners, so you don’t damage any other bearings in the bottom bracket, rear hub or freehub.

A professional workshop has a full set of appropriate tools: a bio parts washer to soak and clean everything properly and the means to reassemble and tune afterwards. You should do this level of service annually, either end of the season, ready to go into winter or in spring to clean off all that accumulated muck – or maybe both!

Book in now with Revolution Cycle Sport – from our workshop in Billinghurst, we can complete simple drivetrain cleaning or a full service and strip down, including the bottom bracket, headset, and hubs.

Customers also get 20% off MucOff cleaning and lubrication products – so you can take away a clean bike and keep it clean until its next service.